Adventures in Ghostbusting...

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I grew up with Ghostbusters. With the possible exception of Transformers, no franchise shaped my childhood more. In August of 2017, it was time to show my love. It took some time and more funding than I'd like to admit, but the results are totally worth it. Retro Injection is proud to present the following ghostbusting gallery:

Ghostbuster cosplay at Tioga Downs Casino Halloween party.

It's fun for Halloween and conventions, but it's even better on random occasions. People always smile when they see a Ghostbuster, and making people happy is really what it's all about.

Ghostbuster cosplay with Star Wars stormtroopers at Steel City Comic Con.

Ghostbusters cosplay at the Monroeville Mall Dawn of the Dead Pittsburgh, PA.

The kids wanted to try out the proton pack, and I let them flip a couple of switches. Their mom was thrilled.

Ghostbusters cosplay at Red Robin, Monroeville, PA.

Steel City Comic Con Ghostbusters cosplay with R2-D2 Star Wars.

I later learned the ghosts were Obi-Wan and Yoda.

The above photo was taken at the Monroeville Mall, which is where the classic zombie flick Dawn of the Dead was filmed. I grew up in Pittsburgh, and went to this mall many times as a kid.

My wife puts up with a lot.

Close enough!

Note the slime, which was re-applied throughout the day. Sometimes you have to suffer for your art. This was well before I upgraded to the Spirit Halloween Ecto Goggles or picked up my PKE meter.

Ghostbuster cosplay with Halloween Michael Myers, Friday the 13th Jason Vorhees and A Nightmare on Elm St. Freddy Kreuger.

I'm a huge fan of '80s horror! Retro Injection has articles on The Stuff, Return of the Living Dead Part II, Day of the Dead and Slugs!

Check out that vintage Akira shirt!

A Ghostbuster and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

This Toys "R" Us got its own tribute upon closing.

Ghostbuster cosplay at Tioga Downs Casino, Nichols, NY.

Ghostbuster and Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Arnot Mall, Big Flats, NY.

This was just an arbitrary day at our local mall, home of a legendary arcade.

Ghostbusters logo and Slimer cupcakes.

Cakes at my surprise birthday party, 11/19/17.

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