British Band Pet Puma Roars onto the Synthwave Circuit.

Updated: Mar 20

As guest writer Polly Havelock details, these UK newcomers have an old-school groove.

Pet Puma are the new band on the scene bringing those nostalgic retro vibes into today’s pop landscape. An interesting way to introduce a band whose song, ‘Spaceship’ is set firmly in the future, but hear me out.

‘Spaceship’ comes from the very unique point of view of musicians setting themselves in the haze-tinged realms of the past and imagining a future where we can travel through the stars. Their video pays homage to the source of their inspirations - on the set of a children’s crafts show taken straight from the '80s, we can see the band playing around with cardboard and glue to build their very own spaceship.

This unique point of view is present in more than just the songwriting perspective - Pet Puma is one of most unlikely bunch of people to ever come together to release music. Consisting of a professional stuntwoman, an Instagram influencer, dungeon master, entrepreneur and songwriter, this improbable gang put their differing viewpoints together to create a fun and funky pop song which smacks of both Mystery Jets and Prince, but still manages to sound exactly like Pet Puma. Their diverse range of careers has given them fuel for their creative fire and a desire to bring some joy with their music; which songwriter and lead singer, John Armstrong, infuses into every track.

This remarkable debut has secured the band a slot with BBC Introducing, who described ‘Spaceship’ as “something sublime.”

Straight back into the studio to continue work on their forthcoming releases, Pet Puma are unfurling their (perfectly manicured) claws and hungrily booking gigs for 2020.

Here’s the video; let us know what you think in the comments!

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