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Video: We Urban Explore an Abandoned Ames (Formerly Hills) Department Store.

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Abandoned Ames department store
As a Hills, the green awning read, "Famous for Low Prices Every Day."

Join us as we explore our old Ames department store! Contributing writer Luke Worle and I infiltrated in a torrential downpour. This location was once a Hills, and has been closed since around 1999. The place is host to a lot of memories. I didn't mention it in the video, but I test drove PlayStation games on their demo kiosk, and once I bought a really ugly tie here. Also, a bikini girl air freshener.

When I was about eleven, I saw a row of My Buddy dolls in storage along the ceiling of the store, and I could swear they were all watching me like they were Chucky dolls! It was legit terrifying.

My Buddy doll and Chucky
Courtesy: Nightmare Nostalgia

This urban exploration is a special Retro Injection entry, so let's jump right into the odyssey.


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