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Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Give us a call! We'll ship stuff!

UPDATE: Adrienne has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease and anemia, and we have closed the bakery indefinitely. It was a great run while it lasted, and we're thankful that we were able to live our dream.

Hard-core fans of Retro Injection may remember when I first mentioned our bakery, back in March. It's not as random as it first appears: My wife has long been obsessed with baking, and she's back in the game after a two-year break in the action. Right after we got married, she stepped away from seven years of running the bakery to pursue a career working as a cook for a major grocery chain. After being denied time off, she decided she missed the freedom of being self-employed. I was burnt out at my job as well, so resurrecting the bake shop was the natural decision. It was a major project, and as of this writing, we've been open for just over a week. Business has been brisk, which has come as a relief to me.

The community is embracing the store, and The Morning Times published this blurb about us today!

I forgot to shave. Classic.

A lifelong microwave user, I am at present completely unqualified to bake. Thankfully, I don't have to go anywhere near an oven: I'm the bakery's public relations guy, and I help in ways that don't affect the confections. I'm building our web presence at, and I'm also in charge of advertising, cleaning, deliveries and social media. That being said, follow Adrienne's Bake Shop on Facebook here! I work the front of the house as well, effectively serving as the face of the shop (although Adrienne is way cuter than me). Basically, I do everything necessary to leave her free to churn out more goodness.

Vickie, my awesome mother-in-law, helps us out. Free labor!

Adrienne and I have worked together to produce completely original products which appeal directly to your inner kid: Peanut butter and jelly cheesecakes, incredible chocolate chip cookies and mouth-watering macarons are just a few of our signature items.

It's quite refreshing to have a direct say in a business, after years of being a cog in the machine. I have never before known such freedom. Adrienne told me I'd love it, and she was right (as always). I've infused a little bit of my personality into the joint, putting in an Atari for customers to play while they hang out.

I also bought this Japanese Tron poster print specifically for the bake shop. (It's hanging right over the Atari setup.)

And on a totally self-serving level, the bakery acts as a platform for spreading the word about the blog.

Thanks for your interest in our little operation! We've been told our stuff rivals the offerings of Paris bakeries, and we don't take that lightly. Give us a call at (570) 888-0316 and treat yourself today!

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