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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

This was my view, as I typed the following tripe.

Retro Injection didn't exist yesterday. Well, that's not entirely true. The content was here, but it was housed under a different name: For its first six months, the site was called The '80s Never Died. I came up with the moniker when I had no idea about search engine optimization. While my features were fantastic, I failed to get found.

I Didn't Factor In:

Confusion would ensue about "words or numbers" when communicating the site's name;

The apostrophe (or lack thereof in the URL) would pose issues;

I would want to discuss topics from the '90s.

All of this seems painfully obvious now, but I was just excited to start. It's okay to laugh at me.

Now, every article has been revised with a consistent format, every link has been redone and photos long invisible to Google have been captioned. The homepage was also recipient to a different layout. "New look, same great taste," as they say. Creating Retro Injection consumed my entire day yesterday, and I can't believe I mustered the motivation to write this "Grand Re-opening" spiel. The only casualty was a minute-long puff piece from January, due to YouTube issues.

Unless you're one of the lucky few on my initial mailing list, you've got six months of top-notch content to peruse! I've included a few of my favorite articles to get you started. It was a tough call on what to include without being overwhelming, but these pieces offer a good cross-section of the blog. (This article serves essentially the same purpose as one of those lame "clip" episodes of a sitcom.)

Here's a retrospective of one of the most-loved Happy Meal promotion of all time, the New Food Changeables. Spoiler alert: There's even a stop-motion movie, directed by my wife! (You'll see her around the site.)

Clicking here will catapult you to my first "big" project for the blog. It was also a lesson in perseverance, as the website editor crashed when the article was almost complete, and I had to re-write from memory. Come along on a road trip, which chronicles the former locations of video stores. It's only semi-depressing!

Including this arcade review almost feels like a cheat, as it's one of the site's most recent articles. I'm throwing it in because contributing writer Luke Worle called it my "magnum opus," and who am I to downplay flattery?

I want to keep your thrill of discovery intact, so I'll leave it at that. Become a member of the site, and get notified of new content!


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The New York Times revised an article pertaining to the Super Mario character after Dave sent them a correction. At that point, he was just showing off.

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