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Solucionario Lineas De Transmision Rodolfo Neri 47 2022




pdf lineas de .pdf .lineas de transmision lineas de rodolfo neri ray neri lineas de transmision I want to get as a result these lines: lineas de transmision lineas de rodolfo neri .lineas de transmision lineas de .pdf This is my code: import re with open("txt.txt") as f: for line in f: if "solucionario" in line: subline ='^.*?', line) subline = re.sub('^.*?', '', subline = re.sub('.*', '.pdf', subline) print(subline) The result is the following: .lineas de transmision lineas de .pdf The result that I want is: But I have no idea why it happens. A: It's just about what's going on in the definition of the regular expression you use. When you do.* it will match everything up to the next newline. And that includes your second line. Then, when you use.pdf as the replacement, it will only replace up to the first newline, leaving your second line unmodified. So your output ends up being: Instead, you want to have.* as the main group and then just the line you're looking for after the main group. If you do that, you'll




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Solucionario Lineas De Transmision Rodolfo Neri 47 2022

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