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I Got My Dream Car: This Custom 1987 Cadillac Hearse!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

1987 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse with custom lighting.
The purple lights under the car run the whole length; the picture was taken in mid-strobe. Check out the video!

I've always wanted a hearse, and now I can die happy. This monster has been in my driveway for a few days now, and I'm still pumped. My custom casket carrier looks absolutely evil as it cruises, especially at night.

The previous owner had purchased the Cadillac from a guy who lived on... wait for it... Elm Street. This car is just waiting to star in its own horror film: The Undead Sled, coming to a theater near you!

In the photos below, you can see the speakers which are part of its killer (ha, ha) Kenwood Pandora sound system. The hearse also has custom, high-performance exhaust and new rims. The rear of the car pneumatically lifts on startup.

Casket in 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse with custom lighting.
Casket in 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse with custom lighting.

The window signs glow in the dark, so even in the K-Mart parking lot, maximum creepiness is ensured. The signs attach on the brackets which formerly displayed the name of the funeral home.

Undead Sled glow in the dark 1987 Cadillac hearse window sign.

My hearse will eventually become an Ecto-1, the perfect vehicle for our Ghostbusters escapades. I've already ordered custom "NOGHOSTS" license plates, and a Ghostbusters air freshener took the place of the shrunken head that was hanging from the rear-view mirror. (Those lights aren't going anywhere, though!)

1987 Cadillac hearse

Update: I took off the Grim Reaper decals at the request of my wife. The rear one got replaced with this custom sticker, bearing something my dad said.

Ghostbusters logo air freshener

The first stop we made was less than a block away from the notary's office. We had to christen the car with some Twinkies. As we went into the convenience store, a guy coming out said "Sweet ride!" Others haven't been as enthusiastic, but no one is indifferent to the hearse.

Eating Twinkies in a 1987 Cadillac hearse.

Here's a video, which shows the strobing purple under the car. This production isn't up to normal Retro Injection OCD standards because it was freezing, but you've got to see that lighting! I say in the video that I'm going to ditch the casket, but after a ton of enthusiastic feedback, I've decided to keep it. The car wouldn't be the same without it.

1987 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse with custom lighting.
The Undead Sled makes Christine look like a Prius!

Here's the Caddy, as I first saw it on Craigslist. The photo didn't do it justice in its month on the market, and I'm glad for that. The previous owner told me the only attention it had gotten was from tire kickers, despite it being an absolute steal at his asking price of $2,500. His wife had specifically wanted a hearse, and although she never drove it, they had taken it to local parades, where their daughter would ride in the casket.

1987 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse.

The best part? I didn't pay a dime for this incredible vehicle! It was a straight trade for my police cruiser, pictured below.

1995 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

I had my Crown Victoria for twelve years, but I don't miss it. The Undead Sled is way cooler, and it's gotten more compliments and attention in less than a week than the cruiser ever did. The previous owner was a car dealer, and he probably made the trade to get an easier car to sell for a comparable amount. Needless to say, that's fine with me. I don't plan on ever parting with this Cadillac. Allstate wouldn't insure it; I had to get specialty coverage with Hagerty, but thankfully it's less than $200 per year.

Here's a parting shot of my new baby, sporting its original funeral flags! My wife loves the hearse, because the seats are insanely comfortable and the ride is smooth. She can even play her iPhone's music through the stereo.

1987 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse with funeral flags on hood.

If you can appreciate this hot rod hearse, you'll definitely want to check out our reviews of The Monster Squad, Return of the Living Dead Part II and George A. Romero's Day of the Dead. You might also want to consider therapy.


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