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Video: Wally's Truck Stop in Pontiac, Illinois is a Trip to the '80s.

Updated: May 25, 2022

Well, except for the gas prices.

Wally's truck stop opened in Pontiac, Illinois in September 2020. But they have an unmistakable '80s aesthetic, from the omnipresent retro striping to a real-life vintage Winnebago, which reminds me of our former RV. We stopped en route from Arizona to New York, with a Penske truck full of arcade machines going to a brand-new home game room! This is one of two Wally's locations in Illinois. Located at 1 Holiday Road (National Lampoon's Vacation!), the roadside oasis is home to clean restrooms, gourmet coffee and a killer souvenir shop. Wally's wails '80s music 24/7.

We thought Wally's deserved a place of honor on Retro Injection. If you're driving through Illinois, check them out!


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