Riding Back to the '80s and '90s on My Kymco Like 200i LX Scooter.

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Special thanks go to my wife Adrienne for taking the photos.

After receiving glowing feedback from a scooter forum, I'm totally showing off my 2014 Kymco Like 200i LX on Retro Injection! This is my first and only bike, bought new in 2016. We hauled the scooter from New York to Arizona in a Penske truck (along with fifteen arcade machines) before we sold our house back east. It hung out in our storage unit for the longest seven months of my life. Now that we've moved to the desert, we can ride all year!

The scooter is equipped with a Garmin Zumo GPS set to Adventurous Routing, which avoids highways. With a 163 cc, fuel-injected, air-cooled engine, the bike's top speed is 66 MPH. I have braved the five lane, and we'll call that experience... exhilarating.

Dig the custom valve stem caps, straight from a Harley dealership. They asked me what I rode, and they had no idea what I was talking about.

I picked up the Street Fighter decal in Tokyo!
Representing the Arizona Ghostbusters.

Time-Out was a popular chain of arcades, and I worked at one for six years. Check out the documentary I made of the location.

The scooter's upgraded Duro tires have an aggressive tread, a curbside hint that this cute bike hides some muscle. The Stuff decal on the handlebars? If you don't know about the killer yogurt from this '80s cult favorite, you can read my review here!

The pill decal on the helmet box is a nod to Akira, one of the best anime ever made. The silver and blue exhaust cover took a lot of very high temperature engine enamel to look right.

People love my scooter, and I wouldn't trade for a hog! Thanks for checking it out.

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The New York Times revised an article pertaining to the Super Mario character after Dave sent them a correction. At that point, he was just showing off.

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