A Brief History of Time-Out.

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

(I hope you got the Steven Hawking joke.)

This video chronicles the legacy of our local Time-Out arcade:

These game rooms were at one time a nationwide chain. I grew up in this exact arcade, and I ended up working there for over six years; it's the longest I've ever stayed at one job. Since this video was published in 2010, the store went through a remodel and is now called "Bonus Round." It will always be Time-Out to me. I have such strong sentiment for the arcade that I sport one of its classic logos on my Kymco Like 200i LX scooter:

The following is my promised documentary of the arcade. In the immortal words of Nicki Minaj: "Check it out!"

This may be the only article ever to reference both Nicki Minaj and Steven Hawking.

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The New York Times revised an article pertaining to the Super Mario character after Dave sent them a correction. At that point, he was just showing off.

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