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The Decepticons Save Christmas!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

When we were first dating in 2015, I gave Adrienne the grand tour of my Transformers room. Incredibly, she still married me.

A few days ago, she got me this awesome Hallmark Generation 1 Soundwave ornament. Who would have guessed that a robot of pure evil could bring such joy?


Back in 2017, I figured that magnum opus of four sentences and one photo qualified as a blog post! It was my third entry ever. Cut me some slack. Below is a video of the Transformers room, along with my home arcade and game console area. Almost all of this stuff was moved to Arizona in May 2019.

Check out my significantly more-involved Transformers features about G1 Repugnus and Powermaster Optimus Prime. There's also some robot action in my tribute to Kay-Bee Toys.

And if you got here from the home page, kudos for scrolling way, way down! Not everyone has that level of commitment.


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