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"I am the gramarian about whom your mother warned you."

My nostalgia is significantly more . . . ah, vintage . . . than what may appear in these pages. However, no matter the times, there is no excuse (in my humble opinion) for misspellings, sloppy, or downright incorrect grammar, word use (and usage), punctuation, and generally those who do not give a shift about our American English language.

On YouTube I regularly point out to posters their egregious errors. Along with that I suffer their nasty replies for having done so! You have heard about the proverbial bulls-eye painted on one's back? About five percent of the time the offenders will THANK ME for the correction. Conversely, there are replies like: ". . . damned spell checker," as if it was the spell-checker that made the spelling error! So I say to them that it is they who has control of that tool. Another of my un-favorite cop-outs is ". . .but you know what I meant . . . ." I tell them no, I did not know; that's why words have meanings . . . .

I have no college education, but during my time in

high school, I paid attention to what I was taught. I am a U.S. Navy veteran, and I am grateful for that time and the experiences it brought to me.


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