Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY is Nerdvana.

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

While there's snow in the ground in the above photo, which I took about a week ago back home in upstate New York, I'm currently living it up in some Arizona sun. I wish I could say we're part of the jet set, but the truth is, my wife and I are stranded here. We were supposed to be in Arizona for a two-day business trip, but a snow storm got our flight cancelled. It ended up being a five-day vacation thanks to some new friends, who happen to have a huge home arcade! (More on all that in the next article.) I'm excited to make this my first "long-distance" entry: Ironically, Sound Go Round now seems like an exotic locale!

Vestal NY's Sound Go Round is a destination for anyone who loves physical media. With video games spanning every generation, a great selection of vintage toys (some still on their cards), movies, records, CDs and more, the place is a treasure trove of awesome. I took about 100 photos at the store, and it was tough to choose which ones to include. I figured it was better to err on the side of excess, so I used over a fourth of them. Take that, dialup!

Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

Shelves of DVDs at Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

Horror movies at Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

Shelves of DVDs at Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

Nintendo games at Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

Video games at Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

Comic books at Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

Being a lifelong Transformers fan, I had to get photos of some of their Robots in Disguise. (If you share my love for these incredible toys, you'll appreciate Retro Injection's reviews of Monsterbot Repugnus and Powermaster Optimus Prime.)

Transformers at Sound Go Round in Vestal, NY

Won't someone give Jazz a home?

Jazz Transformer

Super Mario and Luigi plush

Nintendo plushies

Long before the Game Boy, Nintendo's Game and Watch series made gaming on the go a reality. Here's a re-issue of the Mario Bros. Game and Watch. These handhelds were the Japanese standard for portable fun during the '80s, when Tiger LCD games were making waves in the west.

Mario Bros. Nintendo Game and Watch

And speaking of games, I was elated when I spotted Tomy's Atomic Arcade Pinball. This is the toy I used to put in my blanket forts, and I credit it for inspiring my home arcade. It occurs to me now that I never had any batteries in my game. I'm not sure that was an oversight on my parents' part.

Tomy Atomic Arcade pinball

Savage World horror figures

The Tick cartoon was a brilliant Saturday morning romp. Like many works of genius (among them Freeks and Geeks and the animated Freakazoid!), the show was misunderstood and short lived.

The Tick action figures

Robocop was a bizarre franchise to adapt into a children's cartoon. I don't think that thesis statement needs any support. Robocop and the Ultra Police didn't get a lot of love from toy-buying parents. This figure came with 100 caps, to totally stink up the house.

Robocop action figure

Robocop ED-209 model

I had to showcase some of Sound-Go-Round's cassette collection. If you appreciate the warm sound of analog, you'll love the site's tribute to tapes.

Audio cassette tapes