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Watch Our Video Tours of The Game Preserve, Two Retro Arcades in Texas.

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Arcade games at the Game Preserve NASA, Texas

Everything's bigger in Texas, and fortunately that includes arcades. When I learned about The Game Preserve a few months back, I knew Adrienne and I would have to stop during our move from New York to Arizona via a 1987 motorhome.

The Game Preserve is dedicated to the '80s and '90s arcade scene. They have two locations, roughly an hour apart: their long-running storefront in Spring, and a new, insanely large digital playground in Webster. The latter is complete with a gigantic classic gaming mural designed by a NASA mission patch artist. These sneak peaks should whet your arcade appetite for the video tours. All this gaming goodness was captured by my indulgent wife.

The Game Preserve NASA in Webster, TX
Chexx Bubble Hockey arcade game
Gottleib Q-bert arcade machine
The Game Preserve NASA in Webster, Texas
Capcom Ghouls 'N Ghosts cabinet at The Game Preserve arcade blogger Dave Fife at The Game Preserve NASA arcade blogger Dave Fife plays The Flintstones ICE pinball at The Game Preserve NASA arcade

I unleashed my OCD in editing the videos as soon as I had access to high-speed Internet, which came courtesy of the Moriarty, New Mexico Motel 6. (After temperatures took a nosedive, we had to forsake the camper for warmer environs. I'll overlook the $3.00 shampoo.)

In the below video, I mention the lack of issues during our trek, which probably wasn't a good idea: Two days later, our fuel pump would give out along a desolate highway, leaving us stranded for four days in Plains, Texas. I got a temporary job at Dairy Queen to stave off boredom and starvation.

Without further adieu, here's one of the best game rooms you'll ever see. blogger Dave Fife at The Game Preserve arcade in Webster, Texas

I started off with The Game Preserve NASA, because it's a must-experience destination, and I know not everyone finishes reading my articles! (I'll be fine.) But The Game Preserve Woodlands at 473 Sawdust Rd. in Spring, Texas is no slouch. You might notice the DeLorean before you see the signage.

DeLorean parked at The Game Preserve classic arcade in Spring, TX blogger Dave Fife imitating Marty McFly by a DeLorean

Both Game Preserve locations host pinball tournaments, and welcome gamers of all ages. Kids under sixteen need to be accompanied by an adult, but that's the sweetest babysitting gig in history.


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