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7-Eleven PAC-MAN Promo: Win Prizes and Buy Exclusive PAC-MAN Merch!

I somehow missed this PAC-MAN display when I walked into one of their gas stations today. When I saw it on the way out, my head almost exploded.

7-eleven PAC-MAN store display

7-Eleven isn't paying me to plug their promo, so this post is pure PSA: Retro gamers and arcade aficionados are going to want to make tracks and gobble up some of the convenient store's crazy-awesome PAC-MAN goodies.

I started this entry right after spotting that display, only to have my internet go down for five days! But the promo is still on (5/18/23), with chances to win prizes spanning from an official PAC-MAN rug to a limited-edition air hockey table. Also, PAC-MAN clothes, bags, buttons and more are available in a 7-Eleven near you! (Disclaimer: "Near" may be relative.)

Of course, 7-Eleven has a proud heritage as a home for arcade games (even featuring them on Slurpee cups), so this PAC-MAN promo is perfect.

'80s 7-eleven Slurpee cups
Source: Pinterest

Being a sucker for trucker hats, I couldn't resist grabbing this one. I also scored a PAC-MAN sticker for the scooter!

7-Eleven PAC-MAN trucker hat and sticker on a Scramble arcade cocktail table
7-Eleven sticker on a Kymco Like 200i LX scooter

This legit 7-Eleven shirt comes courtesy of The Salvation Army. Look out, ladies! (Just kidding, hon.)

Dave Fife from wearing 7-Eleven shirt and hat in home arcade
7-Eleven PAC-MAN hat
Such intensity! And it's only the first screen!

After you're done with your 7-Eleven run, how about a little PAC-MAN? That's exactly what you get with the PAC-MAN Tiny Arcade.

PAC-MAN Tiny Arcade and vintage lunchbox with Thermos

Still not full? Chomp down on Retro Injection's writeup of PAC-LAND, a criminally-underrated PAC-MAN sidescroller, which served to inspire Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. Mamma mia!

PAC-LAND Hu-Card playing on a modded TurboGrafx-16


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