This Term Paper from 1985 has Escaped the Trash at Least Twice.

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Here's a re-creation of the essay being written. My wife even took off her wedding ring, because the author was engaged! (The can of Tab is pure speculation.).

While taking a walk downtown in 2005, I stumbled across this incredible relic by a dumpster. How and why it survived that long is anyone's guess. At 1:00 AM yesterday, I realized I'd thrown it out in my haste to clean for our upcoming move to Arizona. I ran outside to retrieve it. The report emerged relatively unscathed due to being in my plastic "Found on the Road" folder, a choice selection of stuff I've found on various travels. I can't believe I almost lost that dossier!

Blogging didn't exist when Lisa Flora penned her paper, but thanks to hoarding, she's today's guest writer. This essay from the year of Back to the Future, Jolt Cola and New Coke is titled "Brainwashing." It received a C+, so it's an upgrade from our usual content.

The brown stain is my fault. That sounds worse than it is.

The real treat here for me was the mention of the Dustbuster, which I'll always associate with Back to the Future Part II. I also carried around my mom's Dustbuster when I played Ghostbusters, because the name is close enough when you're seven.

I hope you enjoyed fawning over Ms. Flora's paper. (That would have been funnier had this been a biology report, but unless you're a Retro Injection Patron, you've got no room to complain.)

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