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Video: This Retro Home Arcade Used to be My Grandmother's Porch.

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Welcome to Ghosts of the '80s, my home arcade. It's a tribute to the Time-Out where I grew up and later worked, so its name really refers to the '90s. (Makes sense to me, anyway!) The color scheme and the carpet are exact to my Time-Out in the '90s. The '80s "school hours" sign is from that Time-Out, as are the Vapor Trail cabinet, complete with Time-Out token purse. Other items sourced from my childhood arcade include high score cards; promo items; attendant vest; "for sale" signage; plush toys and redemption tickets. The RoadBlasters is the same cabinet I played at Cyberlink Cafe, a long-gone coffeehouse with an arcade, circa 1995.

(Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed my Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors shirt in the above photo. Here's our review of the film.)

The gameroom involved two cross-country trips: We sold the house in 2019 and painstakingly moved all these machines from New York to Arizona, only to return with the event of inheriting my grandmother's place in 2021. It beat the RV we were living in.

This arcade started off as grandma's porch!

Arcade games being loaded into Penske moving truck.
My friends in Arizona help load up the Penske truck.
Empty Public Storage unit
Two years of Phoenix storage payments were finally over.

Please enjoy the little walk-through, completely free of rambling chit-chat. I'm more of a writer than a narrator. With the exception of the AtGames Legends virtual pinball, all the cabinets are legit vintage pieces. The payphone is fully functional.

Here are some wider shots for detail:

Retro '80s home arcade: Atari RoadBlasters, Capcom Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition, Data East Vapor Trail, Atari Centipede
Ghosts of the '80s Retro home arcade: Sega Frogger, Nintendo Donkey Kong Jr., Donkey Kong
Ghosts of the '80s Retro home arcade. Golden Tee Fore! 2004 arcade cabinet, Nintendo Donkey Kong arcade game, Neo Geo MVS shock boxes
Man wearing Street Fighter shirt and trucker hat using a Protel 7000 payphone in an '80s home arcade.
Ghosts of the '80s Retro home arcade. Atari Pole Position arcade game, Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet, SNK Neo-Geo MVS, Atari Missile Command, kung-fu movie posters.
Ghosts of the '80s Retro home arcade. Atari Pole Position arcade game, Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet
Ghosts of the '80s Retro home arcade. Stern Scramble cocktail arcade game, autographed photos
Ghosts of the '80s retro home arcade. AtGames Legends Pinball, Neo-Geo MVS, Atari Missile Command.
Ghosts of the '80s Retro home arcade. Protel 7000 payphone.
The magnetized photo is of this exact location back in the '70s. Dig that 1981 phone book!
Ghosts of the '80s Retro home arcade industrial carpeting
Genuine industrial carpet. In the immortal words of John Hammond, "Spared no expense."
Ghosts of the '80s Retro home arcade. Kenner Real Ghostbusters action figures and black arcade ceiling with exit sign and vintage Coke clock.
giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man plush Halloween Greeter

A lot of heavy lifting, patience and insanity went into creating Ghosts of the '80s. Thanks for checking out my home arcade. What's your favorite arcade game? Tell the world in the comment box below!


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